Executive board members:

PresidentJacqueline Lesinski, e-mail: pums@poznan.ifmsa.pl
Local Coordinator: Nicole Wojcik
Treasurer: Karim Mokaddem
Secretary: Evelyn Hsu
VP of Marketing: Kevin Nowakowski
Assistant: Shania Kafi Keramati
SCORA Assistant: Rita Malouf 
SCORP Assistant: Shelbie Embrey
SCOPH AssistantBoushra Abou Hjeily
Social Activities: Hugo Tapia


Standing committees:

Katarzyna Plucińska, e-mail: leo@poznan.ifmsa.pl

  • Standing Committee on Professional Exchange
  • A division organizing holiday training abroad for over 100 members
  •  Many interesting places to go. Europe, Middle East, Asia, Americas, Africa? Just name it.

Miłosz Miedziaszczyk, e-mail: lore@poznan.ifmsa.pl

  • Standing Committee on Research Exchange
  • Second exchange division providing similar exchanges but on research
  • Along with SCOPE creates social activities for foreign students

Shania Kafi Keramati, e-mail: skafikeramati@gmail.com

  • Standing Committee on Medical Education
  • Creates and improves the learning program on PUMS
  • Organizes Nationwide Medical Education Days
  • Numerous workshops - ECG, EEG, USG, putting in stitches and others
  • Conferences for members

Boushra Abou Hjeily, e-mail: boushra1m1ah@gmail.com

Standing Committee on Public Health

  • Carries out pro-health and prevention campaigns, workshops, lectures
  • Antitobacco classes, Peer Education on depression and healthy lifestyle
  • Teddy Bear Hospital

Rita Malouf, e-mail: rita.malouf98@gmail.com

Standing Committee on Reproductive Health Including AIDS

  • Social actions on fights against HIV, AIDS and other STIs
  • Peer Education in local high schools on Comprehensive Sex Education
  • Streetcar Named Desire – party in a tram for HIV awareness

Shelbie Embrey, e-mail: shelbie.embrey@gmail.com

Standing Committee on Human Rights & Peace

  • International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and ethics, peace-building, humanitarian response
  • campaigns against sexual harassment, rape culture, racism, homophobia
  • helping people in greatest need, fighting with destitution and poverty


Szkolenie dla Koordynatorów Lokalnych Projektów i Asystentów

24 Listopad, Środa, 19:30 - 21:00

Centrum Biologii Medycznej, sala 1010